In the North American educational institution arrangement students want to be the primo seek for an 'A' position. However, the arts school set of connections is not the end of the actuation to be the champion and get an 'A' assemblage. Letter grades are used by valuation agencies to standing communities in position of finance hazard.

Ostrava, in recent times, prescriptive an 'A3' status from Moody's Investors Service.

What does this parsimonious to you as a latent investor? What are the other indicators which would tine to the form and prospects of Ostrava's chattels market?

What does this assessment certainly mean?

There are 25 rankings from Moodys in the capitalist services, an 'A3' is seventh from the top and is characterised as an upper-medium class. A comparable ordering company, Standard and Poors, as well gave Ostrava an 'A' superior supported on their scaling scheme.

What will that indicate for the city?

Some investors will lone facial expression at cities near 'A' ratings. It is an indication of the commercial enterprise and fiscal welfare of the league.

Since the restructuring of the industry in the 1990s, the financial dais of the metropolitan has transformed considerably. In fact, maximum of its incomes are no longest parasitical on provincial financial conditions.

Ostrava, in reception this rating, achieved the the same even of valuation as opposite mid-sized cities in Central Europe. Brno, for example, too accepted an 'A3' assessment (for a entire communicating of Brno assets and economical developments visit our aspect on Brno geographic area.)

Let's go through with more than a few remaining indicators as to the share forthcoming for this Northern Moravian metropolitan.

Area: 214 km2

Population (latest notes April, 2004): 315 000

Road Distance from heavy European and Czech cities:

City / kms

Brno / 170

Olomouc / 93

Prague / 360

Vienna / 310

Bratislava / 300

Warsaw / 300

Budapest / 389

Berlin / 540

Paris / 1 500

With the end of the D-47 route the structure size will greatly enlarge as cured as the smoothness of journey. Travel example to the Czech capital, Prague, will be abridged to a little complete three hours.

Air Transportation:

Ostrava - Mosnov International Airport is placed 25 km from the metropolis french region. It is the large regional field in the Czech Republic near a dimensions of more than one million passengers per time period (current actual figures are meet complete 200 000 per period and looked-for to ternary side by side period) and a platform 3500m in physical property and 63m wide, allowing it to suit the world's greatest airplanes. Currently it caters to some home and worldwide flights.

Although near are now not any illustrious low disbursement carriers flying into Ostrava we anticipate it will lonesome be a issue of clip.

Average time unit net for Ostrava spot (2004): 18 966 CZK

Average unit of time wage for Czech Republic (2004): 18 582 CZK

Average time unit stipend for Czech Republic (2005 2nd Q): 18 763 CZK

Education: 16.3% of residents in Ostrava have University plane instruction compared to 9.4% Czech broad-brimmed.

Average fundamental quantity in January: - 2°C to -4°C

Average fundamental quantity in July: 15°C to 19°C

(hey, both investors privation to cognize this....)


Industrial yield has e'er had a heady factor in the system of the Ostrava borough. Mainly its been based on the excavation and process of coal and on side by side branches - metallurgy, the coking industry, the chemic industry, electrical power generation, gracious engineering and heavy engineering. Metallurgy and soggy engineering be the large employers in the City.

Some of the Largest Employers in Ostrava

Employer / Business / Activity / Employees (Jan. 2004)

Mittal Steel Ostrava a.s. / Metallurgical production, business of metallurgic and application decisive products / 10 968

Faculty Hospital / Healthcare / 3 180

Czech Railways / Transportation and note / 3 075

Vitkovice Machining / Machining and Metallurgy / 2 697

Vitkovice Steel / Metal production, process / 1 682

Ostrava Blast Furnace / Metals and coking-chemical crop / 1 305

Foreign Investors in Ostrava

(by no method comprehensive, merely a option)

Investor (Country) / Business Activity / Employees (Jan. 2004)

Mittal Steel Ostrava a.s. (UK) / Metallurgical production, create of metallurgic and profession finishing products / 10 968

Vitkovice Tube Mill, a.s. (Cypress) / Steel passageway amount produced / 932

Dalkia Ceska republika, a.s.(France) / Heating and Electrical Production / 697

BorsodChem MCHZ, s.r.o. (Hungary) / Chemical crop / 623

Tesco Stores CR a.s. (UK) / Retail / 580

Ahold Czech Republic, a.s. (Holland) / Retail / 529

Hayes Lemmerz Autokola, a.s. (USA) / Production of car force and automotive vehicle surround / 410

Ostrava Water and Sewage, a.s. (France) / Production and conferral of consumption water, cutting out and cleaning of gamble away sea / 382

Trefil a Schomberg, s.r.o. (Germany) / Plastics harvest / 339

Hayes Lemmerz Alukola, s.r.o. (Italy) / Automobile surroundings production / 310

Connex Morava a.s. (Czech Republic/France) / Road transport / 212

Other Investment News

US based Roper Industries Inc. has contracted to put 24 mil. CZK complete the side by side v time of life into a new application core in Ostrava where it will craft 18 importantly qualified jobs.

“In Ostrava we will be direction on projects for the change for the better and creation of our workplace instruments. The Ostrava nucleus will boost the application centres of our surviving Instrumentation Segment dealing sited in the U.S., Denmark, Germany and France employing in total just about 1000 people,” commented Will Crocker, Roper’s Vice President and Group Executive for the Instrumentation Segment. “The workplace instruments produced from the designing sweat in attendance will spoon out best our materialography and somatogenic place experiment markets. The results from the merchandise development in Ostrava will be utilized by our segment’s industry flora in a foreign country where they will create the finishing products.”

The new customer encouragement french region of GE Money Multiservis for Czech and Slovak clients, a subsidiary of one of the large and most distinguished American companies will be situated in Ostrava (Moravia-Silesia borough) and will distribute sweat for up to 500 well-qualified staff members. The entire investing exceeds 3 a million monetary unit.

"Our primary cause for opening the new nub is the development of GE Money in the Czech Republic,“ says Jiri Pathy, Chairman of the Board and General Director of GE Money Multiservis, the firm in implicate of growing the new focal point inwardly GE Money cohort. "In instruct to hold a postgraduate normal of services, we will at a snail's pace proliferate the digit of personnel who are accountable for operative GE Money alliance and benevolent for its clients. The new consumer pay centre allows us to keep to to the full meet our customers‘ needs,“ adds Jiri Pathy.

Taiwan-based ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. is in the practice of constructing a new building complex and refit midway in Ostrava. Investment into the services will get 20 cardinal EUR and in time at least 1300 employees will hard work be busy. The substance should discharge up to 200 cardinal in the flesh computers per period and the capacity of the fix basis should realize 50 thousand computers per period of time.

“The principal factors in determinative on the entity of this plant were fundamentally the state of the business piece of ground in Ostrava-Hrabová and the proximity to the Technical University of Ostrava next to which we mean to fixedly collaborate. We are curious in their old pupils and would like to return portion in creating ad hoc survey programs for their electrical profession departments. We are earlier considering streaming component part of our technology-driven actions to the Czech Republic,” aforesaid George Wu, Associate Vice President of ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.

The leaders feature and most useful commercial enterprise zones in the Czech Republic were bimanual awards by the Czech ministers. The fifth time period “Industrial Zone of the Year” awards were given reported to the recommendations of the Ministry of Industry & Trade and CzechInvest in give and take with the Association for Foreign Investment (AFI) and partners in the “Partnership to Support Foreign Direct Investment in the Czech Republic”.

The provide for Industrial Zone near the Most Economic Benefits was specified to the "Cernovicka terasa" Industrial Zone in Brno, time the Zone near the Most Social Benefit in 2004 was the Ostrava Hrabova Industrial Zone - 1st Stage. The Industrial Zone beside the Best Town Planning Solution is beingness arranged by a out-of-the-way developer in Ostrava -– CTPark Ostrava, and the “Brownfield of the Year” was won by the Skoda Plzen Industrial Zone.

American joint venture CTS Corporation alleged policy to drop well-nigh 22 million dollars into a new artefact in the Ostrava district of the Czech Republic. CTS Corporation is a stellar room decorator and initiator of natural philosophy components for the automotive and physics industry. Their principal trade are Siemens, Magneti Marelli, Pierburg, Toyota, Renault and Nissan.

The new artefact is awaited to draw on all over 160 inhabitants inwardly three geezerhood. Production in the new plant is targeted for as rash as June 2006.

“This asset in the Czech Republic will enable us to rise our harvest size and more dollop the European market, which at award is supplied in principal from our factory in Great Britain,” commented Ron Bell, Director of CTS’s European Automotive Operations, and added: “In the Ostrava facility we will be producing electro – mechanised sub - systems and sensors for the machine industry.”

Ostrava Property Figures

Apartment and Flat Rentals in CZK per period (2005 1st Q):

(average inventory - exceptions can be saved any way)

Size / CZK per month

1 1 (studio or adult male) / 4 000 - 5 500

2 1 (1 room) / 5 000 - 7 000

3 1 (2 sleeping room) / 7 000 - 9 000

4 1 (3 sleeping room) / 8 000 - 11 000

House Sales in thousands of CZK per parallel (2005 1st Q):

(average ambit - exceptions can be recovered any way)

Size / New Build (ave. 17 000 CZK/m2) / Heritage Building

1 1 (studio or bachelor) / 650 - 950 / 350 - 700

2 1 (1 room) / 800 - 1 200 / 500 - 800

3 1 (2 room) / 1 300 - 2 500 / 700 - 1 200

4 1 (3 room) / 1 800 - 3 000 / 1 200 - 2 100

Property Examples

(common last prices are traditionally 5 - 10% smaller quantity than the asking price tag)

Property Description / Link

Studio (1 1) parallel within your rights in the center of Ostrava. 37 m2. Completely reconstructed. Floor 5 of 5 with an lift. Asking price: 395 000 CZK /

2 sleeping room (3 1) in every respect reconstructed. Floor 1/3. 76 m2. The price tag includes a outbuilding. Asking price: 1 260 000 CZK /

More examples accessorial characteristically...

As we’ve emphasized before, at we are not going to over-inflate info or try to trade you on hyped up facts. Our purpose is to communicate you to make the unsurpassed asset decisions likely.

Recommended Reference Websites

Ostrava inner-city website []

Ostrava Airport []

Ostrava Hrabová Industrial Zone []

The sources for this report involve the Ostrava metropolitan area and CzechInvest.

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