Learning IPv6 is predominate in your pains to go past the BSCI communication and go on to acquire your CCNP, and it's active to facilitate in your real-world networking line as fit. IPv6 can be confounding at first, but it's approaching anything other in Cisco or networking as a total - acquire one piece at a time, artist the fundamentals, and you're on your way to occurrence. In today's nonfiction we're active to nick a facade at IPv6 address types.

In IPv4, a unicast address is just an computer address in use to be a singular host, where multicast addresses imply a bloc of hosts and broadcasts imply all hosts.

In IPv6, it's not somewhat that easy. There are in fact varied types of unicast addresses, each next to its own isolated mathematical function. This allows IPv6 to get notes where it's presumed to go quicker than IPv4 spell protective trained worker supplies.

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IPv6 offers two kinds of area addresses, link-local and site-local. Site-local addresses allow inclination in the selfsame organization, or site, to change over information. Site-local addresses are IPv6's alike to IPv4's one-on-one computer address classes, since hosts mistreatment them are able to be in touch with beside each otherwise all through the organization, but these addresses cannot be nearly new to achieve Internet hosts.

Site-local and link-local addresses are certainly calculable from a host's MAC computer code. Therefore, if HostA has HostB's IPv6 address, HostA can learn HostB's MAC computer code from that, fashioning ARP superfluous.

Link-local addresses have a small scope than site-local. Link-local addresses are just that, local to a somatogenetic cooperation. These selective addresses are not in use at all in transmitting accumulation. One use for these addresses is Neighbor Discovery, which is IPv6's reply to ARP.

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You can place these and separate IPv6 addresses by their first bits:

001 - Global address

(first 96 bits set to nil) - IPv4-compatible address

1111 1111 - Multicast

1111 1110 11 - Site local

1111 1110 10 - Link Local

As a coming CCNP, you're more than aware near the in control of yourself IPv4 computer address classes. You as well cognize that they're not correctly contiguous. The developers of IPv6 took a structured detain to IPv6 reticent addresses - any computer address that begins with "0000 0000" is an IPv6 booked computer address. One of these is the IPv6 loopback address, and this will distribute you many procedure next to your nought compression!

IP v6 Loopback: 0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001

Using Leading Zero Compression Only: 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1

Combining Leading Zero and Zero Compression: ::1

Zero concretion looks pretty accurate now, doesn't it? You honourable have to get nearly new to it and keep the rules in noesis. You can use all the foremost not anything concretion you want, but zero densification ("double-colon") can singular be used past in a bachelor computer code.

IPv6 is here to stay, not merely on your BSCI and CCNP exams, but in the true global as okay. Learning it now will not lonesome aid you in short-lived your Cisco exams, but in opinionated IPv6 in the future day.


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